Here is a compilation of short clips from around the shop this week, capturing the diversity of our production capabilities & 4 minutes in the life of this wonderful career of creative diversity:

Here is a short clip from the last day of training on our Multicam CNC router. I had a sheet of corian solid surfacing material, salvaged from a countertop. There had been a drip edge glued on that I wanted to cut off. Instead of pushing it through the table saw, I had the technician use it as a training opportunity to show me how to program a single straight cut into the edge of a material & out through the other side. This function can be performed directly from the keypad without requiring the use of software. in this case we needed to disable the dust collection shroud, based on the tool length & the height of the drip edge.

Here is another video of the CNC machine cutting some .032 aluminum for use as a stencil by one of our clients. The Multicam can cut thincker aluminum too, at which time we would use the auto mister & apply a cutting oil to lubricate the tool for extending it’s life, but it can be messy & was not required for this job.

A lot of the signs in the slide show below are already presented in my various galleries on my flash site & soon on the gallery page of this blog, but here is an old slideshow video I put together for a presentation I did for the Maui Executives Association, a local business lead exchange organization.